Besides a huge amount of famous breath-taking landscapes, Vietnam is an amazing place that you should not miss in your wish-list. Why? Let’s explore this dream land with us.

  1. Hospitable local people

Meeting and talking with local people is a unique experience, especially while the Vietnamese are famous for their hospitality and gracefulness. In addition, travelers will feel extremely surprised because many people can speak many languages. The simplicity and warmth of the Vietnamese people will definitely be worth your plan to come to this beautiful land.

  1. Safety and healthiness

Vietnam has reached 150 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine, 100% of people 18 years old have received at least one dose of vaccine, 90% of people over 18 years old have received 2 doses of COVID-19 vaccine. And it is planned that in early 2022, there will be 3 doses for all people. This is a good opportunity as well as a safe place to welcome travelers. Besides, many service providers such as restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions,… are ready to provide customers with the best services and experiences.

  1. Diversity culture

Culture is the thing that attracts travelers the most about a new country, isn’t it? With 54 different ethnic groups, Vietnam is proud to have a distinctive culture. Ethnic groups are distributed in areas throughout the country and made up a diversity cultural system. Each ethnicity has their own languages, lifestyles, cuisine and traditions which have the connections to the majority ethnics as well as their ethnics in neighboring countries.

For instance, Muong ethnic contributes in both Vietnam and Lao, Thai ethnic not only lives in Vietnam but also Thailand, etc. Coming to the Central Highlands of Vietnam, you can discover the custom of E-de people and immerse yourself in the space of Gong Culture, try on amazing local produce such as coffee. Moreover, they have Rong House that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. In addition, Champa Culture in the South-Central Coast will charm you with the history of Champa Kingdom.

These ethnics are really civilized and safe to visit. They are hospitable, plain and easy to get close to. They have beautiful handmade handicrafts with reasonable prices, colorful clothes to buy, unique foods to taste, etc. The more you dig into Vietnamese culture, the more delightful it is.

  1. Unspoiled destinations 

Vietnam attracts travelers by its unique culture and the untouched destinations that were rewarded by Nature. Speaking all of that, we cannot miss Y Ty – the Foggy Wonderland in the North-West, the world’s largest cave – Son Doong, white sandy beaches of Ninh Thuan, the flora land Phu Yên. Though these destinations are not as popular as other hot spots, they have sufficient accommodations and transportation systems that are craving for you to come and discover. And these unspoiled destinations are safe to visit during this pandemic period.

  1. Unique cuisine

The richness with the characteristics of the cuisine of three regions: North, Central and South have created a unique feature in the culinary culture of Vietnam. Although diverse and creative in processing, Vietnamese dishes always preserve the inherent national characters of Vietnamese ancestors. There are many outstanding dishes which are ‘’Banh mi’’- a world-class food that just costs less than 1USD. “Pho”- a famous noodle soup that comes with beef or chicken. “Com tam” – a familiar dish of the people in the South, or many typical cakes of Hue and so on. Vietnamese cuisine is a blend of traditional and modern features, it also creates a deep impression on travelers when coming to Vietnam.

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