When the sweltering sun gradually fades out, returning a fresh and cool ambience to the ancient capital of Ninh Binh, this is also the time when Van Long Reserve reveals its beauty to visitors.

Located in Gia Van commune, Gia Vien district, Ninh Binh province. About 80 km from Hanoi capital, Van Long Lagoon wetland nature reserve attracts tourists who love Vietnamese nature in a wild and noiseless way. Van Long – The first Vietnamese natural reserve proposed to be listed in the Green list by IUCN. Wetland ecosystems and forests on limestone mountains are the two main ecosystems in Van Long tourist area, in addition, this place is also home to thousands of species of flora, fauna, aquatic life, etc. The white-breasted langur – a species that grows exclusively in Vietnam, is listed in the Red Book.

Autumn is the most beautiful season at Van Long, where the tranquil waters allow a clear view down to the bottom. Beneath the water’s surface, the locks of water nymphs sway along with the flowing currents, and the myriad of fish and shrimp seem endless.  In addition to the evaluation of the flora and fauna system, it also owns wonderfully beautiful landscape paintings. Sitting on a bamboo boat, visitors are allowed to go through the ravines, flanked by high laps, interspersed with water. Along with clear sky, the ferryman will take the visitors into Van Long Reserve, bringing an extraordinary peaceful scenery before their eyes. The idyllic landscape makes everyone feel relaxed and peaceful. This place was once chosen by famous Hollywood film studios as the police to build the famous Kong-Skull Island movie. Through the pure and beautiful footage, moviegoers can easily feel the rustic beauty of Dam Van Long. The best time of the day to visit here is towards the sunset, as it looks incredible. And sunset time is also when the wildlife is the most active, especially birds that are returning to their nests.

In Ninh Binh’s historic setting, Van Long Reserve shines with natural beauty. The tranquil waters, lush green rice fields, and limestone cliffs create a magnificent tapestry of nature.Embarking on a bamboo boat, feeling the tranquility and serenity of the verdant surroundings, visitors not only witness the diversity of fauna and flora but also gain a deeper understanding of Vietnam’s cultural significance and nature conservation efforts. Therefore, take the time to explore Van Long Reserve.

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