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You are visiting the House of AADASIA GROUP, a Travel Agency based in Hanoi, specializing in Vietnam, Indochina and Asia Tours under two brands: AADASIA HOLIDAYS and Vietnam Responsible Tourism.

The word ABI stands for Adventures, Bespoke Tours and Incentive Tours and Events.

While Vietnam Responsible Tourism focuses on mountain and field experiences, community support activities and adventure products, AADASIA HOLIDAYS offers a multitude of customized tours with countless activities and destinations. ABI’s tours are updated by season and month. Our strength is our passion for travel, rich experience in culture, customs and activities specific to Vietnam and Asia. We can always offer at least two Options for a request, whether it comes from a large group of classmates or a solo traveler, for the shortest possible time.

Our weakness is bad photos! We believe that you can bring home much more beautiful pictures, as brilliant as your own experience.

So read about our trips and feedbacks, call us at +84-862-028-029 via WhatsApp or Viber, email us at [email protected] . . . and you will receive an immediate response. Wishing you a New Year 2024, the Year of the Dragon, filled with health, wealth and new exciting experiences.

With love from the entire AG Team!

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Vietnam have had an incredible small number of infected cases: less than 25 cases out of one million, staying one of the safest destinations on earth. During the whole 2020, AADASIA HOLIDAYS has been working as usual, no closing, no stand-by, and consequently providing the Clients with all feasible commitments and supports, including:

Insurance: All tours are subject to the highest level of insurance available.

Flexibility: We work with all suppliers in adjusting plans or extending the travel time to all clients.

Improvement: We utilize this time to design more special trips, inspect new sites and activities to build NEW experiences to provide our clients with authentic, but delightful excursions.

With the application of the new vaccines in Vietnam within such a short time, life seems being back to normal quite soon. During this month, February 2021, AADASIA HOLIDAYS Holidays have issued 10 quotations for the Summer Vacation in 2021, isn’t it a promising sign?

Welcome to Vietnam, a land of health and smiles!

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