Rediscovering Childhood Bliss at Tan Thanh Beach, Hue

Without travellers  around, Tan Thanh Beach in Hue carries a nostalgic atmosphere. Children play with the waves and boats rest on the shore, evoking memories of carefree childhood days.

Although not as popular and crowded as other beaches in the area, Tan Thanh Beach in Quang Cong Commune has its own peaceful beauty. People like it for its clear blue water, sandy shores, and paths bordered by casuarina trees. Those who come to the beach can also enjoy tasty local dishes at Con Gai Market.

As you arrive at the sea, you’re met with the distant blue colour and the view of small boats peacefully resting on the sand. The beach is quiet and not crowded, with no resorts, hotels, or shops around. You can hear the calming sound of waves hitting the shore and the gentle rustling of the casuarina trees. It’s like listening to a peaceful ocean song. In the afternoon, despite the hot sun, a few people came to the beach. They sat under trees, talked, and enjoyed the cool breeze. The sandy beach stretched nicely, blending with the blue water. Children played with the waves along the shore.

The beach is mostly used by local people for relaxation after their workday since there aren’t many travelers around. Sometimes, a few boats from a distance come close to the beach as the sun sets.These things are common, but together, they make a peaceful scene. You just sit there, enjoying the view, not wanting to go anywhere else

You can swim and camp free of charge and with utmost safety. However, as there are no camping service providers, AADASIA will help you prepare your necessary tools and equipment. In terms of cuisine, there are several restaurants located in the residential areas where you can savor local delicacies. AADASIA can head you to Con Gai Market to purchase affordable seafood from Tam Giang Lagoon, such as herring, eel, sea bass or grouper, for a beachside barbecue. 

Near Quang Cong Beach, you can visit Hai Duong Beach, Ru Cha mangrove forest, and Tam Giang Lagoon. A bit further away is Thuan An Beach, one of Hue’s top tourist spots. The trip back is also beautiful, with views of lagoons and groups of buffalo eating grass.Even though there aren’t many tourist facilities or fun activities, Tan Thanh is still perfect for those who want a peaceful getaway.


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