Vietnam – a beautiful country with many enjoyable destinations. It seems that all that beautiful things are gathered on Tet Holiday. Expats in Vietnam, have you got any plans for this biggest celebration in Vietnam? People said: “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” and that is absolutely right! On this special occasion, let aadasia Holidays Holidays travel with you to enjoy Tet Holiday as a real Vietnamese!

  1. “Phuot” in Hà Giang

What is “phuot’? It is simply a slang that refers to discovering a destination by motorbike.  You can travel everywhere, conquer treacherous roads and admire the unique beautiful sceneries along the roads. Travel to Ha Giang on Tet holiday is ideal because: the weather is cool and warm of lightly sunshine; the canola flowers paint vivid yellow color over Sung La Valley, Quan Ba; the pure white plum flowers, cherry blossoms cover Meo Vac Highlands; the “hard to conquer” Ma Pi Leng Pass, Lung Cu, etc. If you want to be a real “phuot-er”, you should “phuot” Ha Giang first!

  1. Enjoy the atmosphere of Tet in big cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh

Tet is the biggest traditional celebration of the year. For that reason, in these two cities, the atmosphere is bustling more than ever. You can learn all about its periods of preparation such as: shopping for new traditional clothing – “ao dai”, making Chung Cake, preparing 5-fruit tray, wishing luck at temples and pagodas and a bunch of other interesting and unique activities.

  1. Celebrating Tet holiday in the ancient city, Hue

If you don’t like the hustle and bustle of the city, let’s come to Hue – the peaceful and poetic country on this Lunar New Year. The historical sites such as the Imperial City of Hue or mausoleums are still open for visitors. You will experience the spring activities at the Imperial Palace with the traditional games from the Nguyen Dynasty. In particular, there are also many local festivals waiting for you to discover!

  1. Trekking tour in Phu Quoc

Undoubtedly being on the top 100 most wonderful destinations in the world, Phu Quoc always attracts tourists at any time of the year. Especially, during the Lunar New Year, you will participate in the food tour “Tet tray” at Sunset Beach Bar, trekking tour Phu Quoc National Park, trekking tour at Rach Vem – Ham Rong, enjoy some splendid performances in the famous Park and so on.

Tet is a holiday for relaxing and entertaining. Let’s enjoy Tet like us and with us. Contact aadasia Holidays HOLIDAYS for more details of itineraries, destinations, and experiences.

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