Ninh Thuan: Trekking through the Nui Chua National Park

Nui Chua National Park is just like a green lung of Ninh Thuan Province in South Central Coast Vietnam is a beautiful place located in Ninh Hai district, Ninh Thuan province. It has a diverse and rich forest system and three sides facing the sea, offering stunning views.

Trekking through the Nui Chua National Park, the first thing you need to do is let your feet be “free”. You can climb every steep slope, round down the winding roads, winding on the side of the mountain. Enjoy exploring the landscapes and save beautiful photos with friends through the lens.

One of the paths to explore is the Suoi Lo O stream and the Red Rock summit. The trekking route to Suoi Lo O is about 5 km one way, taking approximately 3 hours. On the return journey, you can take a shorter path of about 2 km, which takes only 1 hour.

First, you’ll cross a suspension bridge to reach Cau Gay village. Most houses in the village are newly built with brick walls and metal roofs, but there are still a few traditional Raglai houses made from earth and straw. Here, you can learn about the culture and history of the Raglai people and find souvenir handicrafts made from various forest seeds for sale. You’ll walk under the shade of trees to reach Lo O Stream. The path to the stream is relatively easy and gentle. Once you arrive, you’ll want to linger, admiring the beauty and resting. You can find a spot by the stream to dip your feet in the cool water and observe the tiny fish swimming, or simply lie back on the rocks, close your eyes, and immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of the flowing water and the singing of the forest birds.

Next, you’ll continue through the distinct forest landscapes of the National Park to reach the Red Rock Peak. To ascend to the top, you’ll walk along a small and shaded path. The summit, about 280 metres high, served as a natural observation point for local people during past wars. You can climb up using a wooden staircase made from trees. From the top, you’ll be rewarded with a panoramic view of the surrounding area, including Vinh Hy Bay, part of Cam Ranh, and Nha Trang. The climb is not too challenging, and once you reach the peak, you’ll find a comfortable spot to sit and enjoy the awe-inspiring scenery. The cool breeze and the majestic landscape will make you forget any tiredness.

On the way down, you’ll encounter familiar sights such as resting cattle under shady trees, locals selling drinks and groups of friends having a picnic. The path is charming, with stones covered by dry leaves, adding a poetic touch.

If you relish trekking adventures, be sure to include Nui Chua in your travel plans. Just one day here will immerse you in the refreshing beauty of streams and green forests, an experience that is hard to find elsewhere.


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