Limitless Thrills On Pearl Island: Cat Ba Island

Are you overwhelmed by busy days and deadlines? Do you need a short getaway to relax and unwind? Let’s go to Cat Ba island to recharge in the embrace of nature and try out thrilling new experiences.

Cat Ba Island was recognized as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve in 2014. This is an ideal retreat for nature lovers seeking adventure and a peaceful getaway from city life. Join me as we explore exciting activities and fascinating highlights in Cat Ba:

Trekking Cat Ba National Park

The Cat Ba National Park has more than 282 types of plants and almost 800 species of animals. You can go on a trekking adventure along beautiful green paths, where you can fully experience the wide variety of flora and fauna. You’ll hear the delightful songs of birds and breathe in the wonderfully peaceful air. This experience will rejuvenate and bring you closer to nature.

 Photographed by David Driutti

An Aquaculture Experience in Viet Hai Fishing Village

This is an opportunity for you to experience your hand at the daily activities of the local fishermen in Viet Hai Fishing Village. Experience tasks like anchoring boats, casting nets, and fishing. Simultaneously, you will gain insights into the lives of the friendly and kind-hearted people in the fishing village.

 Photographed by Nathan Cima

Rock Climbing

While sailing along the shores of Cat Ba evokes calm and deep emotions, mountain climbing provides exciting and challenging feelings. You can have a unique experience in crags like the magnificent Butterfly and Kingfisher Valleys, completely tailored for both beginners and advanced climbers. Before embarking on the climbing journey, you will get to admire the breathtaking landscapes and majestic limestone mountains. Scaling the limestone cliffs, overcoming challenges, and basking in the stunning views left you with memories that will last a lifetime.



Glamping is a wonderful activity to find solace and break away from the chaotic pace of everyday life, allowing us to reconnect with nature. You can go with your family or a group of friends. Sitting by the campfire, immersing yourself in music, savoring an outdoor meal, and sharing stories with friends and family. It’s a time to unwind, embrace the closeness to nature, and discover the most authentic emotions.

With this experience, nature lovers will have another must-visit destination to put on travel checklists. Cat Ba is almost isolated from the outside world. Thanks to the unspoiled natural landscapes and friendly people, Cat Ba Island has attracted a large number of domestic and international tourists. If you have the opportunity to set foot in the Cat Ba Island, you will have an unforgettable experience.


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