Exploring the Enchanting Secrets of the Mekong Delta

Embark on a mesmerising Mekong Delta tour, often hailed as the “rice bowl of Asia” due to its lush green rice fields. This enchanting region, which spans across five countries including China, Thai Lan, Laos,Cambodia, is blessed with fertile land and is traversed by the mighty Mekong River. As you cruise down the tributaries of the Mekong Delta, you’ll be greeted by freshest fruits, picturesque gardens, friendly locals residing along the riverbanks, thriving mangroves teeming with birdlife, and bustling boat ports.

Delve into the allure of gilded temples, ancient monuments, captivating cities, and the intriguing life that thrives along the Mekong. Immerse yourself in the enchantment of the Mekong Delta, Vietnam’s renowned “Rice Bowl,” where every aspect of life unfolds along the riverbanks. Experience a world bursting with vitality, where trade and daily activities take place on floating markets. Envision a floating market, where a myriad of goods ranging from fresh produce to local specialties are displayed on boats. Take a leisurely stroll on traditional wooden boats, admire the breathtaking landscapes, and indulge in the vibrant and unique ambiance of these floating markets

Floating markets are a common tradition throughout Southeast Asia where the numerous rivers and waterways are a primary means of transportation and commerce between villages. In this overhead view, Bangkok vendors draw their boats together to exchange a colorful, tasty array of goods, Thailand.

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One of the activities you should try afterơsitting on the wooden boat is biking . Biking allows one to truly connect with the essence of the Mekong Delta. While traversing the charming village paths, you can peddle through orchards and pass by schools, churches, pagodas, and traditional houses. Every turn in the road reveals a new facet of the Mekong’s authentic charm.

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If you are nature lover, or you simply enjoy the sweet notes of bird songs, Tra Su Bird Sanctuary is the place to visit. A serene and scenic spot of over 800 thousand hectares, it is situated just 23 kilometres from Chau Doc in An Giang Province, most of the sanctuary is closed off to visitors, allowing for conservatory work and for the bird population to nest peacefully.


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