It is often said that the hustle and bustle of Saigon makes us forget about its poetic beauty. Are you looking for a more personalized way to explore SaiGon? Leave your motorbike at home and let’s play it in a classic way: on a cyclo.

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Saigon boasts the vibrant pedestrian street of Nguyen Hue, the culture of sidewalk cafes, the lively the Western travelers’ streets  of Bui Vien, the towering Bitexco building, and the sleepless nights. Besides, this bustling Saigon, there is a district with a vintage Chinese vibe, peaceful and beautiful like scenes from Hong Kong movies. Amidst the modern establishments, there are still places that are “authentically Saigon.”

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With this sightseeing tour, you will gain a comprehensive view of everyday life in this dynamic city. You will ride on a Saigon cyclo to bustling markets, ancient pagodas, and in doing so, you will gain an entirely new appreciation for this lovely city.

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What could be better than taking in the city’s sights at a slower pace, capturing those moments that you’ve never had time to capture before? Through the fascinating stories of cyclo drivers or local residents, you will gain a deeper understanding of Saigon’s glorious past. You will be impressed by the graceful beauty, radiant smiles, and confident use of “Vinglish” by the local people here. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to stroll through iconic markets and temples, and learn about the spiritual life of the Vietnamese people.

On the classic cyclo, Saigon reveals new perspectives, a different view of this vibrant city. Saigon is not just about bustling streets, but also about tranquil alleys, where traditional eateries still retain their old charm. On the cyclo, you will have the chance to experience amazing moments, capture unforgettable snapshots, and gain a deeper understanding of the colourful and spiritual lives of the Saigonese people.


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