Tripadvisor, the leading website for travel applications, announced the list of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Asia in 2023, in which My Khe ranked 8th with an average score of 4.5 out of 5 stars. This is part of the Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best awards, honoring destinations, hotels, and restaurants. The results are based on votes from readers and experts around the world over the past 12 months.

Located in Phuoc My ward, Son Tra district, My Khe beach stretches nearly 10 km from the foot of the Son Tra Peninsula to Non Nuoc—Ngu Hanh Son. Located about 3km from the center of Da Nang, visitors have many convenient options to go to My Khe beach.

It is known that during the war, My Khe Beach was built as a resort by the US military. When the Americans came here, they named My Khe Beach China Beach. Also from this source, the Americans produced the movie China Beach. Due to the popularity of the film, the name China Beach was widely used. On many travel websites for both Vietnam and the world, the name “China Beach” appears as a destination in Vietnam.

My Khe Beach has a coastline of more than 900 meters. My Khe beach exudes an irresistible beauty with its fine white sand carpet, year-round warm water, mild sea waves, and sprawling coconut groves.Therefore, the majority of users in the Tripadvisor community have also commented that My Khe Beach is one of the 10 most popular Asian beaches in the world.

With a moderate depth of sea level, visitors will comfortably swim in the cool blue water and watch the majestic Marble Mountains, or Cu Lao Cham island far from Hoi An,… You will not be surprised. I can’t resist the beauty of the sunrise or sunset on the sea.

Walking along the beach on the white sand, you will easily find resorts, luxury hotels, villas of international standards, and extremely attractive tourism and entertainment services such as scuba diving. Coral viewing, fishing, windsurfing, jet skiing, yachting,…

When you come to My Khe Beach, you will have the opportunity to participate in exciting adventure games. One of them is paragliding. You will be able to fly to the high blue sky and enjoy the panoramic view of My Khe beach and the captivating beauty of the beautiful city of Da Nang. In the paragliding game, you will sit on a well-protected parachute rope, check your health, and then the rope will be hooked to the towed canoe. At that time, the wings of the parachute will inflate and pull you up. You can absolutely fly with friends on the same parachute, but the maximum is three people.

In particular, My Khe Beach is always kept clean. Regulations on littering on the beach are tightened strongly, and garbage bins are also arranged in many places. The food sold here is also always cleaned by a cleaning staff to ensure the landscape and surroundings.

When traveling to any beach, you should also try to watch the sunrise once. Because that is the busiest and most lively moment. Try to get up early to welcome the morning sun and join the bustling fish market at 4:30 a.m. every day. From about 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. is the right time for you to sunbathe and receive auspicious energy from the sun. In the late afternoon, when the sun goes down, the poetic, peaceful scene covers the whole big sea. At this time, you can take a walk on the sand, sit and watch the sunset, or take unique photos.

My Khe Beach is known for its rich flora and fauna, so the specialties here are also extremely diverse. The types of seafood you cannot ignore, such as snails, crabs, squid, and sea cucumbers, are not only delicious but also cheaper compared to other places.

Fresh seafood is processed into a variety of dishes, such as crab steamed with beer, grilled scallops with onion fat, roasted crab with salt, grilled abalone, steamed chips with lemongrass, crab fried with tamarind, and shrimp with garlic sauce. You will fully enjoy the rich flavors of the land by the sea.

“My Khe has fine sand, a gentle slope, clear and warm water all year round, light waves, and is suitable for swimming. This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia that I have ever visited”, is a comment posted by tourists when referring to the beach in Da Nang.

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