3 DAYS OF 1,2,3 DZÔ

Do you want to explore places that are still not that crazy popular with tourists? Hà Giang is highly recommendation for you

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Ha Giang must be experienced on two wheels, not four! If you are not that confident in driving, there is always the option of easy riders.Sitting behind witty and humorous drivers, capturing the majestic scenes of Ha Giang on film.You’re riding a motorbike through some of the most stunning landscapes you’ll ever have the good fortune to see. Mountainous peaks rise above you for hundreds of metres, while the valley floor lies hundreds of metres below. As you speed ahead, the wind gently caresses your face, running through your hair, heightening the exhilaration pulsating within your veins.

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There are cornfields in the most unlikely places and hundreds of cafes & viewpoints along the way, waterfalls, and locals doing their thing. Sometimes, on this journey, your heart may be stolen by the enchanting melodies of the magical H’Mong flute echoing through the Northwest mountains and forests. The natives have breathed life into the H’Mong flute and created mellifluous tunes. They are the spirits, the guardians of the mountain melodies. Along this extraordinary path, a myriad of cafes and viewpoints emerge like hidden gems, inviting you to pause, to savour, and to marvel at the surroundings that unfold before your very eyes.

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After a day filled with adventure and daring, you return to humble homestays, where the locals prepare a simple dinner for you with sincere smiles and warm hospitality, making you feel like you’ve come home. The chilly air embraces you as you gather around a table laden with the rich specialties of the Northwest, joining in the lively cheer of “1, 2, 3, dzô” and raising glasses filled with corn wine to celebrate and share stories of the day’s experiences. The intense flavour of the wine, the laughter echoing from your friends, the harmonious karaoke singing, all contribute to a warm, vibrant, and joyful evening.

What could be more amazing than spending a weekend exploring the majestic mountains, immersing yourself in the vibrant blue of the sky, the lush green of the forests, and discovering the simple yet extraordinary lives of the people of Ha Giang? It’s a chance to make new friends and create unforgettable experiences.

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