Train Street in Hanoi has gained popularity as a unique selfie spot due to its close proximity to coffee shops and homes. The combination of the narrow alley, passing trains, and the vibrant atmosphere has made it an intriguing backdrop for capturing memorable photographs.

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As you venture into Train Street, you’ll immediately notice the narrowness of the alley, with houses and shops lining both sides.In the midst of the narrow space, what catches your attention is the bright red hue of the Vietnamese flags dancing in the wind, proudly displayed atop the roofs of the houses.

The anticipation builds as you hear the distant rumbling and whistle of an approaching train. 

As the train gets closer, the excitement intensifies. The ground begins to vibrate, and the noise grows louder. You can feel the rush of wind as the train whizzes by, mere inches away from you. It’s an awe-inspiring sight, watching the massive locomotive pass through this narrow residential space. The train feels like a symbol of power and resilience as it effortlessly navigates its way through the bustling alley.

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The atmosphere during this spectacle is filled with a mix of thrill and exhilaration. People gather along the alley, capturing photos and videos, capturing this extraordinary moment to share with others. The energy is palpable as strangers bond over their shared experience of witnessing the train’s passage, creating a sense of community among visitors and residents alike.


Train Street is not only a thrilling encounter but also an opportunity to immerse yourself in the daily life of the local community. As you wait for the train, you can observe the vibrant street culture, with residents going about their daily routines, children playing, and vendors preparing and selling their wares. 

Soure: Throughlucaslens


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