Vietnam, a country of diverse culture and nature, is an ideal destination for travel enthusiasts. One of the special experiences that travelers should not miss is visiting the ripe rice fields. The rice harvest season not only brings breathtaking beauty but also provides an opportunity to learn about agriculture and the rural life of the local people. In this article, we will explore attractive destinations to experience the rice harvest season in Vietnam.

Mu Cang Chai , Yen Bai

With its rugged mountainous terrain and famous terraced rice fields, Mu Cang Chai is an ideal destination to experience the rice harvest season in Vietnam. September and October are the months when the rice fields in Mu Cang Chai change colours and become more vibrant than ever. Visitors can hike along rough paths to admire the magnificent scenery of the ripe rice fields and enjoy the fresh air of the highland region.

Hoang Su Phi 


The best time to admire the ripe rice fields here is around September when the layered terraced fields turn into a shimmering golden colour. Witnessing the fruitful outcome after a period of nurturing, both locals and travelers feel a sense of happiness and serene tranquillity.

If you want to seek out the best rice terraces, consider these places:

  • Ban Phung: Located approximately 35 km from central Hoang Su Phi, this village boasts some of the highest and steepest rice fields in all of Vietnam.
  • Ban Luoc: Only 15 km from Hoang Su Phi town, Ban Luoc is a popular spot for the hikers. It is perhaps one of the best hiking spots in Vietnam.
  • Nam Ty: Situated about 25 km south of Hoang Su Phi, these terraces are among the most accessible in the area, yet they still offer incredible views, which are not familiar to many tour groups yet.


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On the last days of September, as you stroll along the sun-drenched hillside in the chilly autumn weather, you will immerse yourself in the warm, radiant yellow colour of the terraced fields filled with the aroma of ripe rice. From a higher vantage point, the interwoven and winding tiers of rice fields will stir your heart.

Vietnam’s rice harvest season offers a mesmerizing display of golden fields and cultural richness. From the terraced landscapes of Mu Cang Chai to the hidden gems of Bang Phung, Ban Luoc, and Nam Ty, and the picturesque charm of Sapa, it’s a journey that leaves lasting impressions. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and the vibrant traditions of Vietnam during this enchanting time of the year. 

After a hot summer, just before a busy year-end time with KPIs, September becomes a slower paced month in Vietnam, when pupils get back to their schools and their parents eventually have some leisure time! This time is also remarked with the perfume of the rice, the scene of industrious peasants cutting and wrapping rice buns on their golden land, so it somewhat becomes a time when you, the explorer from far away, can step into the simple but emotional lives of the rural areas. When we can enjoy life visually and intermingle with these smiling people to live real memorable moments on a long trip, what should be expected more from September? 


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