Hue, a historical and cultural destination in Vietnam, captivates visitors not only with its ancient temples but with a marvelous musical experience. 

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When you set foot in Hue, you can immerse yourself in the melodious tunes, the tranquil melodies that resonate from Hue’s traditional music. Each note acts as a bridge across time, transporting us to a serene world where hearts can relax and souls harmonise with the echoes of the past. There’s a saying that visiting Hue without experiencing the poetic melodies of Hue songs would be a wasted opportunity. Picture yourself on a leisurely boat ride, drifting along the Perfume River, as the melodic sounds of monochord, zither, moon lute, beat rhythm, the clinking of cups and the mesmerising voices blend together, creating an atmosphere that enchants both locals and visitors alike. The rich cultural heritage and ancient soul of Hue fill the air, as if you were suspended between dream and reality, immersed in a state of bliss.

On the other hand, you can also embrace the lively rhythms and vibrant street scenes of Hue. Gone are the days when Hue was known as the “early-to-bed city.” The pedestrian streets of Hue come alive with energy and excitement. The bustling atmosphere is fueled by entertaining activities and captivating performances. Street music festivals and nighttime art shows offer a playground for artists to interact with visitors. The vibrant ambiance is enhanced by street food stalls offering a variety of Hue’s distinctive culinary delights. Here, you can indulge in specialties such as bánh bột lọc (Rice dumpling cake), cơm hến (Mussel rice), Sweet Soup…and more, savouring the flavours that truly embody the essence of Hue.

Source: Collected

Whether you find yourself enchanted by the serene melodies or swept away by the energetic rhythms, the musical journey through Hue will leave an indelible mark on your soul. So, come and immerse yourself in the harmonies of Hue, where music becomes the language that speaks to the heart and soul, unravelling the layers of this culturally rich destination.

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