A Breathtaking Ecotourism Haven in Nha Trang

If you want to visit a cool place to enjoy a fresh and serene atmosphere with trees, flowers, and waterfalls, let’s come to Yang Bay to discover many interesting and exciting things waiting for you.

Unlike most other waterfalls that are powerful and intense, Yang Bay waterfall is known for its gentle and soothing beauty, providing a sense of peace and comfort for travelers. That’s why the locals compare Yang Bay waterfall to the shiny, silky hair of a Raglai ethnic girl.

This place is originally a pristine forest with a fresh and cool climate. Yang Bay attracts visitors with its wildness, encompassing vast grasslands, trees, and waterfalls, along with a refreshing atmosphere. A series of small waterfalls in the area cascade down into the lake, creating white water currents. Additionally, wooden bridges, stone steps, and small caves offer a sense of challenge for travelers.

Here, there are three waterfall areas: Yang Bay, Yang Khang, and Hocho. The water here is so clear and fresh that you can see the rocks at the bottom. The Yang Bay waterfall area is an ideal place for picnics and summer bathing. When you visit the Hocho waterfall, you can also enjoy and explore the natural hot mineral springs. By immersing yourself in these springs, you can feel the simultaneous flow of hot and cold water. From a distance, the waterfall appears as white silk falling from the sky.

This place is not only for sightseeing but also for exploring the specific culture of the locals through activities. These activities include watching imitation cockfighting, piglet racing, fishing, feeding black bears and crocodiles, and even riding an ostrich.

Furthermore, travellers have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the cultural flow of the Raglai people and get “intoxicated” with Raglai music at Yang Bay through unique art programs. Dressed in traditional costumes, graceful dancers express the dances of their homeland and origins. Musical instruments made of stone and bamboo, combined with the skilled hands of Raglai artists, create harmonious melodies that are lively and uplifting, as well as deep and gentle.

Finally, to close an active day here, you can pray under the Wishing Tree. When you come to Yang Bay, you can make wishes for health, love, peace, luck, career, and more under the Wishing Tree (Moc Than). This tree, estimated to be over 500 years old, is recognized as a spiritual symbol associated with the religious life of the Raglai people. It is believed that hanging red and yellow silk ribbons on the tree is a way to make your wishes come true.

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