Dien Bien Phu

Dien Bien Phu is a province in the north-western of Vietnam, adjoins Lai Chau Province and Son La Province of Vietnam, Van Nam Province of China and Phongsali province of Laos. It is located in the Muong Thanh valley in a heart shape, a 20 km long and 6 km wide valley, surrounded by numerous thick forests, high mountains, narrow valleys. Muong Thanh Valley is the largest rice field in northwestern Vietnam.
As a typical mountainous Northwestern area, Dien Bien gains lots of fame for being a venue of wonderful sceneries, such as: Pha Din Pass, Pa Thom Cave and Pa Khoang Lake.
There is also an airport with regular flights to Hanoi and back. Flights are operated by Vietnam Airlines, 2 times per a day. Even so, it is still a place not too much visited by foreign tourists.

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